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About Rose

Rose Staram is the owner and founder of RoseMark Production. A boutique mid-sized event firm with a central headquarter in Dorchester Massachusetts. Rose was born and raised in Mattapan MA. She came from a single immigrant parent household and faced many adversities. The challenges of her childhood in the inner city, did not define her future. In 2001, Rose graduated with a degree from Boston College, shortly thereafter opened her office in Dorchester. She began her journey as a political event consultant. In 2010, Rose caught her first break and joined the Obama for America re-elect campaign. Once given that opportunity she never looked back. Rose spent the next decade managing major political and philanthropic events. Working with some of the world’s leading companies, world dignitaries and the United States Government, Rose created some of the largest and most successful events globally. In the winter of 2020, Rose received a call of a lifetime, her firm was selected after a vigorous interview process, to put on the Inauguration of Joe Biden.

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Maximize Exposure and Impact

RoseMark believes the design and craft behind any event is the key difference between creating a fleeting moment, over as quickly as it began, and a meaningful, sustained message that lives on in the people that it touches. Our expertise in tailoring events on message ensures that your audience is inspired and captivated by your brand long after the laptops have been closed. To maximize exposure and impact, we will develop a unique visual identity for your event or event series, but remains consistent with your brand. From meticulously rehearsed live action, motion graphics, and HD video, to crystal clear audio, we will curate a moment that will capture the imagination of your audience, calling on them to reflect, rave, and report to individuals far beyond the room.

Our team understands what goes into planning complex virtual events. We start by focusing on pre-production, and laying an organizational foundation—and follow through with design, visual production, and day-of execution by our team of seasoned event producers, technicians and creative designers. We manage the nuts and bolts of your event, coordinate the moving parts, and sweat the small stuff so you and your team can stay focused on one thing: your mission.

Team Mission

An event is never just an event. There’s always a reason for it and a message behind why…and at RoseMark, we thoughtfully assess the elements of each event to ensure that your key message intersects each stage of your event’s lifespan. Events have a beginning, middle and end, and its significance should live on.

All our events – whether business, corporate or private – begin with an end goal and are customized precisely for your audience, objectives and brand. RoseMark’s event management team is known for creativity, focused attention to detail, negotiating power, and the passion and ability to transform ideas and messages into memorable experiences. Our level of customer service is unsurpassed and is experienced by both our clients and your audiences.

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We Will Guide You

Strategy RoseMark will guide you through the planning process. From Strategy to Design to Execution, we’ll work with you to customize a virtual event experience to keep your audience, clients and stakeholders engaged in the following ways: 3 • Identifying goals & needs • Sourcing tools & platforms • Customizing the guest experience • Creating opportunities for live audience interaction • Producing the pre- and live event logistics • Quality control & Technical support • Speaker Management - Rehearsal/Training & Teleprompting • Branding Packages • Creative audience engagement ideas